Reiki is a method of natural energy healing based upon the use of the Universal Life Force Energy.  It works with the energy field within and around the individual, channeling energy through the practitioner’s hands and into the receiver.  Reiki energy brings deep relaxation, soothing emotions and reduces pain, negative emotions or energy.  It enhances your ability to heal on all levels, including physical, emotional and spiritual.  People who receive a Reiki treatment report decreased pain, deep relaxation, improved sleep and enhanced energy.  On an emotional and spiritual level, individuals report reduced stress, fear and anxiety, enhanced feelings of peacefulness, improved creativity and mental clarity.

Reiki creates a relaxation response in the body which lowers blood pressure and heart rate, stimulates the immune system, balances energy and accelerates healing on all levels.  In addition, it releases blocked memories and past trauma, assisting in the integration of  and resolution of past emotional issues.  There is increasing research and evidence on the impact of Reiki energy upon the emotional well-being of the participant, particularly upon anxiety and depression.

Reiki is administered during an individual session while lying on a massage table.  The individual usually experiences the energy as a warm or tingling sensation.  The Reiki practitioner works to open all the chakras, thus aligning  your internal energy sources, and removing toxins and blocks which prevent your natural healing energies from functioning effectively.  During the course of a Reiki session, the individual may discuss and resolve deep emotional issues which surface naturally during the course of  treatment.  In addition,  a counseling session can be enhanced with the use of Reiki energy to open healing channels and restore emotional balance.

In addition to providing Reiki Treatments, I teach all levels of Reiki classes on a monthly basis.  To make an appointment or inquire about Reiki classes, please call me at 716-796-9849

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